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Where to dive in Egypt?

Diving in Egypt

Egypt is a symbol of ancient civilization progress. Countless works of art and architecture attract visitors from every corner of the Earth. The pyramids of Giza are the only one of the seven wonders of the world which has survived up to this day. Egypt, however, offers a lot more secrets, some of them are hidden under water. Diving accounts for a sizable portion of all tourism in Egypt. Lets check where to dive in Egypt?


Diving locations in Egypt:


Diving conditions

Diving in Egypt, due to water temperature, will be especially pleasant for people who are not fond of the cold. In August it is on average as much as 28  °C. The lowest occur in February – about  20  °C. You will also find no reasons to complain about, neither about the degree of sun exposure, nor thermometers indicators: 28  °C is the average air temperature in July and 22  °C in January.

The diving season with good diving conditions in Egypt continues throughout the year, as well as visibility. In the summer, it is worth to take 5 mm wetsuit and in the remaining months, the adequate protection will be provided a 7-millimeter one.

Diving in Egypt will provide us with a variety of impressions – impressive coral reefs, majestic wrecks and incredibly diverse species of underwater fauna, are just some of them. Everyone will find something for themselves, because for diving tourists, there are a lot possibilities to do this sport here. Both first time divers and very experienced lovers of unknown depths will be satisfied here.


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Where to Dive in Egypt?

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