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Diving in Croatia

Where to dive in Croatia?

Diving in Croatia

Diving in Croatia is something that each passionate about underwater adventures should experience. The numerous islands of the Adriatic attract with their multitude of reefs, amazing caves and canyons. The Mediterranean climate creates favorable conditions and transparent water reveals unusual views. We suggest what you should expect when going on an expedition in this unique place.

Diving locations

Diving conditions

The rocky Croatian coast offers Mediterranean climate. The temperature of water in the summer is 25°C on average and it is characteristic of its great visibility. In winter the average temperature is 10°C and the visibility reaches about 10-15 m down.

Coral reefs in this location are stunning. You will come across crabs, sea horses and lobsters. They are also home for octopus, shrimps, starfish, and a variety of fish species. It is possible that while diving you will come across bottlenose dolphins too.

When looking for the best places to dive in Croatia, it’s hard not to mention the Island of Vis. Here the diver at each level of training will find something for themselves. Rocky reefs and walls and wrecks that are extremely popular in the area. We can explore the ships sunk during World War 1 and 2. You can also dive in caves. The light that comes into them creates scenic views in the blue water.

Dive in the waters of the Gulf of Kvarner! It is considered one of the most beautiful bays on the Adriatic and surely it will charm you too. Be sure to go to the South of the island of Ravnik where you will find the famous Green Grotto. A thin streak of light coming through rock gap illuminates the water in a beautiful emerald color.

Worth to see

Where to Dive in Croatia?

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I’ve been diving for almost 10 years. The underwater world won my heart quite quickly. From the very beginning I wanted to be a good diver and partner, so I kept practising until I got a Master Scuba Diver PADI degree. I dive in hot and cold waters around the world. The thing I like most about diving is the sense of weightlessness and possibility to dive in the depths. I’m not too demanding when it comes to the landscapes, although I do enjoy their diversity, so I like diving in different places and conditions.

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