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Underwater photography

Underwater photography? It’s easy! – part 1

Underwater photography

Nowadays photography has become so popular and available that in fact anyone can take photos. When it comes to underwater photography, we also have a variety of equipment to choose from, but it is not as available, mainly due to the prices. Similarly as in the case of cars, nearly every adult has a driving license, but it’s different with the cars – one may have a Ford or Opel, while another person prefers a Mercedes. The further we go, the more questions may appear: about the class, intended use, functionality, etc.

What do we need, then, to begin adventure with underwater photography? There are several elements that we need to pay attention to: camera choice (with or without a housing), type of lamp (built-in or rather external), our individual diving skills, or diving partner. Let us try to specify a few most important issues:

1. Is it necessary to buy a new camera? This depends on how seriously you treat your adventure with underwater photography. If you want to use the camera which you’ve already had, at least for a start, then you should search for a housing that is capable of protecting it properly. It is worth considering whether you should invest in a camera intended specifically for underwater photos, but these are very individual issues.

2. Underwater housing – what’s most important in it? When choosing a camera, check first whether there is an available housing (not necessarily from the same manufacturer as the camera). Also, pay attention to the housing port: is it flat or dome? This is important for the type of lens that we will be able to use and the photos that we will be able to take. The maximum level of depth to which we will be able to take our equipment in a particular housing is also very important. The standard range is 10-15 m, then 30-40 m, and there are also housings of up to 60 m and more. However, if you have decided to invest in equipment dedicated specifically for underwater photography, things are slightly different…

Grzegorz Stemler

I’ve been diving since 2012 when I got my first OWD certificate. From the very beginning I would take my camera underwater to get used to its presence. The photos I took back then were not intended for publication, although I happened to do a photo show for my fellow divers, e.g. from the trips to Egypt or Macedonia. The photography has been with me for a very long time, when I got my first camera. I mainly took photos related to travelling, landscapes, people, sometimes events. Mostly photos to be ‘put in the drawer’. Qualifications: OWSI PADI diving instructor,  underwater photography instructor.

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