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Ice diving – worth it?

Ice diving

Ice diving is a way to exceed the barriers of your own possibilities. Not only physical but also emotional. Staying under ice it is the adrenaline and concentration, but also a feeling of fun and satisfaction. On the one hand, at first sight, the water temperature does not encourage us to enter; however, the waters may hide many beautiful spots and mysteries waiting to be discovered. On the other hand, though, the diver’s mind is full of doubt. Today we will try to show reasons for which it is worth diving in cold water. We hope that they will tip the encourage you to take a winter bath.

The first argument in favour of ice diving seems to be obvious. As Maciej Jurasz from Akademia H2O puts it, ‘It is simply not worth giving up diving only because of the water temperature’. He also pays attention to the dynamic development of the diving equipment market. Thanks to which water temperature is becoming less of an issue, whereas the quality of water is getting more important. We are confident that suitable equipment will be very helpful to extend the period of comfortable stay under water.

Igor Bartoszewicz from Krokodyle Olsztyn highlights the perfect transparency of water in the Baltic Sea and European lakes during the autumn/winter period.  The decrease of water temperature has a significant impact on the visibility, because algae do not grow at low temperatures.

Not only does the period of diving under ice contribute to increasing adrenaline. Also it allows to discover unavailable areas during a different season of the year. Sławek Śledzik, the owner of Deep Diver Piła, advises to make a ice hole right above the planned diving area. Igor Bartoszewicz recommends the Baltic Sea. There are many shipwrecks, which have been preserved in such a good condition thanks to low salinity and cold water.

Diving in cold water and under-ice diving is definitely an ideal offer for divers searching for extra experience! Another and one of the most important arguments ‘for’ is the fact that crossing your own borders and breaking down both physical and mental barriers shapes the character and willpower, which is useful not only when diving, but also in everyday life.

We hope that the advantages of diving in cold water are convincing for you, and in consequence, that we will meet at a ice hole soon!   

It is worth checking our portal and find countries where you can longer dive under the ice. For example, get acquainted with the infrastructure of dive spots and diving centers in Norway: -> here.

Łukasz Głowacki

I’ve been diving for almost 10 years. The underwater world won my heart quite quickly. From the very beginning I wanted to be a good diver and partner, so I kept practising until I got a Master Scuba Diver PADI degree. I dive in hot and cold waters around the world. The thing I like most about diving is the sense of weightlessness and possibility to dive in the depths. I’m not too demanding when it comes to the landscapes, although I do enjoy their diversity, so I like diving in different places and conditions.

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