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How to choose the best diving spot?

Diving spot – we advise how to choose

70% of the surface of the Earth is covered by oceans and seas. If you add all the freshwater reservoirs around the world, you will quickly come to realize that the question of ‘which is the best diving spot’ could have practically infinite answers. Oceans hide various species of fish, wrecks of once great ships, and impressive coral reefs. Lakes can be a good place to start a diving adventure – there are no treacherous currents in them. Just for those of us who are lost in a sea of options, we’ve prepared a short guide on how to choose a place to dive.

When to dive?

In Europe, Egypt and Turkey, you can dive practically all year long. However, there are certain periods of the year in which conditions for this activity are optimal. In the course of a year, not only do temperatures and the rainy periods change, but also the visibility of the waters. It is, therefore, important to first check what weather conditions will prevail in the individual country(ies) you wish to visit during the time you plan to visit. You can read more about diving seasons in Europe here.

Where to dive?

The first thing you need to do when planning a trip is to specify your budget. The price differences between trips to e.g. Greece or Egypt (see where to dive in Egypt) can be significant. When planning a budget, one should also remember about travel-related expenses and the purchase of that appropriate insurance and/or equipment. The most important criteria for choosing a place to dive, however, should be your expectations. Before leaving, ask yourself: ‘what you would like to see underwater?’ Maybe you’re interested in wrecks, maybe you like to admire coral reefs and rare species of fish? Or maybe you would like to try to explore the flooded caves? The choice is yours, and all places worth seeing you will find in our search engine.

I Live Under Water - search engine
I Live Under Water – search engine

Just enter the name of the country you are interested in and select the appropriate options – Wrecks, Diving Center or Dive Site, and in a matter of seconds you’ll be able to choose from over 5,500 locations in Europe, Turkey and Egypt.

Diving and your level of experience

When choosing a place to diving, you must always remember to choose one with a level of difficulty that is equal to or lower than to that of your skill level. Nobody will allow a person without experience to dive on a wreck immersed 30 meters. Our search engine on I live under water will help you in this regard.

Diving spot
Diving spot – details

Each site has a minimum skill level assigned to it that must be achieved in order to be able to safely dive in it.

What diving center?

Diving in even the most beautiful place on earth can be a negative experience, if the diving center that you have chosen is not appropriate. That is why choose one consciously. We will talk about choosing a diving center in our next article: How to choose a good diving center?


Choosing a diving location sometimes causes problems, even for experienced divers. All the more we understand that it can be especially difficult for a beginner. We wish you all the best and most unforgettable diving adventures in the future.

Rodrigo Mendoza

Brazilian American. As a child was strictly connected with warm waters of sunny Brasil. His love to the underwater world has been increasing through the years. One of the most beautiful diving spots that he has ever been to was the Galapagos. Rescue Diver PADI certified.

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