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How to choose the best diving center?

Diving center or dive base – we advise how to choose

Once you have chosen a dive site, you still need to decide on a specific base or center whose services you will use. In popular destinations, the choice is in no way easy.

The difference between a diving center and a dive base

First, it is worth explaining how a dive center differs from a dive base. These two terms are often thought to be synonyms, but there is a difference between them. Diving bases are located at places where you can dive – on coasts or near lakes. Their main service is the organization of diving. Diving centers, on the other hand, may also be located in the middle of large cities, dealing with, among other things: training, popularizing the discipline, the organization of diving trips, or providing equipment rental/sale services. Dive bases also often provide the a lot of the same services as dive centers.

Who asks not stray

Suppose we live in Austria, but we have dreamed up ourselves a holiday in Croatia. We are not able to go in advance to a diving center (or dive base) we have selected to personally assess the quality of their services. However, we can call the center ahead of time and ask a few questions and make sure everything is in order. It is worth studying the website of the center beforehand – this may already answer many of our questions. It is also best to choose a center where the staff speaks English, so that communication will not be an issue.

What should you ask?

  • Can I rent equipment at your center?
  • Do you offer diving courses, and if so, which ones?
  • In what price range are your services?
  • Has your diving equipment been serviced this year?
  • Is your center authorized by a diving organization, such as SSi or PADI?
  • Will a local divemaster dive with us on the dive site?

Local recommendations

After selecting a diving site, it is worth it to contact a local tourist information center for recommended diving centers. The source of knowledge on this subject can also be the hotel staff at the hotel in which you may be staying. Especially if the given place is known for this form of activity.

Take advantage of a search engine

There is a convenient search engine available on the I live under water website, where you can search for 2,000 diving centers and bases across 32 countries. Among others in Egypt, Croatia, Norway or Cyprus. See for yourself how simple it is.

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Dive Centers

Just enter the name of the country (or other appropriate location) in the search engine, check the option to search for centers and bases, and in just a few seconds they will appear on a map.

Ask a diver

There is no better recommendation for any service than the opinion of a satisfied customer. That is why if you can, it is always worth asking other divers for recommendations. You can do this on a tourist forum, or look for advice on the official group of I live under water on Facebook: Scuba diving – dive travel and trips.

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Brazilian American. As a child was strictly connected with warm waters of sunny Brasil. His love to the underwater world has been increasing through the years. One of the most beautiful diving spots that he has ever been to was the Galapagos. Rescue Diver PADI certified.

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