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Diving records

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Have you ever wondered how deep a man can dive? And did you know that the longest dive in the sea lasted for 6 days? Check out what other records have been beaten in the underwater world.

The deepest diving (male)

Who: Ahmed Gabr

What depth:  332.35 m (1090 ft 4.5 in)

Where: The Red Sea, Dahab, Egypt

When: 18th September 2014

The record breaker said in an interview that he was  interested to see how deep a man can plunge. He looked for answers in books and on the Internet, but to no avail. Not satisfied, he decided to check it out for himself. The immersion took about 15 minutes, while the surfacing 13 h 35 minutes. Preparation for the whole undertaking lasted 4 years. For 6 h of the dive, Gabr was accompanied by oceanic whitetip sharks. “I think that they wanted to congratulate me”, Gabr said.

Ahmed Gabr broke the world record established in 2005 by Nuno Gomes (South Africa, 318 m). At the moment, the Egyptian has actually two world records on his account: the deepest diving in the sea and the deepest diving among men.



The longest-lasting diving in salt water among men

Who: Cem Karabay

How long: 142 h 42 min 42 sec

Where: Girne, Cyprus

When: 20th July 20 2016

CEM Karabay broke his own record – 71 h. He amused himself while under water by riding on a stationary bike, playing backgammon and soccer with his team. In 2011, he set a record for the longest diving in the pool (192h, Istanbul, Turkey).



The longest-lasting diving in salt water among women

Who: Cristi Quill

How long: 51 h 25 min

Where: San Diego, US

When: 11th July 11 2015

The diving that lasted more than 2 nights at a depth of 5 m was part of the Put Cancer Under Pressure campaign (Cristi’s mother died of breast cancer). Cristi was provided with food, water and air cylinders under water by her team.



Deepest underwater bike ride

Who: Vittorio Innocente

What depth: 66.5 m (218 ft 2.11 in)

Where: Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy

When: 21st July 2008

Vittorio Innocence had already set a world record in this category, it was, however, beaten, so he regained the title. Vittorio was also a former record holder in the category of longest underwater bike ride.



The oldest diver

Who: Wallace Raymond Woolley

Age: 94

Where: Larnaca, Cyprus

When: 28th July 28 2017

The Briton, who was born on 28th July 1923, decided to celebrate his 94th birthday in an unusual way – he made diving on the wreck of Zenobia near Larnaca Bay, in Cyprus. Until he broke the record, he had been an active diver for 57 years.



The longest-lasting immersion with one cylinder

Who: Jacobus Jacobs

How long: 8 h 20 min 38 s

Where: Rustenburg, South Africa

When: 27th January 2007

To beat the record, he used a 12-liter cylinder.


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