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diving in Spain

Where to dive in Spain?

Diving in Spain

Spain is a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Not only its mild climate allows you to dive almost all year round, the seas surrounding the country also conceal a lot of shipwrecks, incredible coral reefs and a variety of fish species. If you think about diving in Spain this article will answer all your questions.

Locations for scuba diving in Spain

Diving conditions

The temperature of the water in Spain reaches between 12°C in winter and 25°C in the summer, so the diving season lasts here almost all year round. And there is a number of places to dive. The sea depths conceal dozens of wrecks from different eras: the remains of the ship from the ancient times near Majorca, the wreck of the medieval merchant ship, The Column, and two ships sunk during World War 2.
The Canary Islands are characterized by unique volcanic sculpture, with many mysterious tunnels and nooks, and the water, famous for its exceptional transparency, only encourages you to see them with your own eyes.
The Spanish waters are vibrant with life. You can come across crabs and octopus. There also occur nudibranches in low depths. Warm, colourful gorgonians lazily heave in the waters of the Mediterranean. Numerous anemone species live in symbiosis with small fish and shrimp. It is not rare to catch a glimpse of the flowing eagle ray, barracuda or fall into a tuna schooling. In many places there also appear blue sharks.

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Where to Dive in Spain?

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