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Diving in Norway

Where to dive in Norway?

Diving in Norway

Diving in Norway is an excellent alternative for those who want to try their luck under water in the picturesque scenery, however, without having to set off in exotic places. This incredibly well expanded Scandinavian country hides many secrets, so it is worth to learn about them. Where to dive in Norway?

Diving locations in Norway:

  • Lake Lygnstøylsvatnet – located in the western part of Norway, this lake attracts tourists from all over the world. What is now a lake was a valley with a small village over 100 years ago. Due to landslides that isolated the valley, the village slowly sunk over time.
  • Narvik – this is a unique place, not only for divers. It is known primarily for the victory of the Allied forces over the Third Reich during World War II that took place there. Without a doubt, it is the wreck diving capital of Norway. Near the city of Narvik, you will find wrecks of German, Norwegian and English ships.
  • Trondheimfjord – the biodiversity of this place attracts not only divers but also researchers from all over the world. Numerous species of marine fauna and flora as well as wrecks of aircraft will certainly make a trip to Trondheimfjord unforgettable.

Diving conditions:

Despite the appearances, Norwegian climate is not difficult, quite the contrary. Although the Gulf Stream flows about 300-400 km away from the mainland, it effectively protects the country against the frosty air. If we compare the average air temperature in July in Warsaw and Oslo, we get just 2 °C difference (respectively 18 and 16°C).

When you decide to dive in Norway, you can not miss such spots as Lofoten Islands. It is a 112 km long archipelago located above the Arctic Circle North. The the climate prevailing there is defined as moderate cold, and from the end of May to mid-July, a polar day lasts there. When diving in the waters of Lofoten, you will come across impressive kelp and algae forests, various fish and impressive historical monuments in the form of wrecks.

Diving centers:

  • One Ocean Dive Resort
  • Alesund Dykkersenter AS
  • Pro Divers Norge AS
  • Dykker Sentret AS
  • HitraDykk MS Njord

Diving sites:

Worth to see:

On our website, we encourage you to look for diving centers and dive sites in the any region which you may be interested. We also suggest you familiarize yourself with the trips we offer that are tailored specifically for divers and prepared by our partnering travel agencies. All you need to do is go to the trips tab and choose the destination that you are interested in. We also invite all fans of diving in Norway to contact our editorial team. If you dived in Norway, share your experience with us! Send us photos. We would love to publish them on our blog.

Curtis Walsh

Canadian, cold water lover. His diving adventure began while he was studying at University of Toronto. He did not suppose that diving would ever become anything more than just a passion. He likes especially Norway - fiords, theirs biodiversity and the beauty of Norwegian landscapes. He share his passion with the others working as diving instructor.

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