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Diving in Masuria and Olsztyn

Where to dive in Poland: Masuria & Olsztyn

Diving in Masuria and Olsztyn

You are interested in diving in Poland but don’t know where to dive in Poland? Warmia and Masuria are some of the best dive sites in Poland. The multitude of the most beautiful lakes in the country makes it quite difficult to decide which one to choose first. Diving in Masuria and Olsztyn are proof that you don’t necessarily need to go on a foreign trip to be able to admire the beauties of the underwater world.

Diving locations

Diving conditions

The water temperature in the Mazurian Lakes is pretty low, so it is important to take care of a dry suit. The visibility here is often better in the winter and can reach up to 15 feet away. During the summer, the visibility drops to 4 metres.

Lake Hańcza is the deepest Masurian lake. The depth of descent is 108.5 meters. This place is chosen by divers because despite the poor vegetation, many of them want to face the large depth. The rock formations occurring in the lake are also interesting.

Lake Mamry is known as the best place for diving in Masuria. It is located on the route of the Great Masurian Lakes and consists of six smaller, interconnected lakes. There are 33 islands within the lake, and one of its biggest attractions are underwater meadows. You can come across a variety of fish there, especially pikes.

In Lake Harsz, you can find amber. This is not a simple task, but the mere fact of their presence attracts many divers.

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