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diving in Hamata

Where to dive in Egypt: Hamata

Diving in Hamata

Where to dive in Egypt or Red Sea? Diving in Hamata would be the best answer! A spot located over 140 miles south of Marsa Alam. The local infrastructure is constantly evolving and until recently, diving in Hamata was only possible by safari boats. Only a few hundred people live here. It is worth noting that Hamata is also a popular tourist destination for people seeking a relaxing holiday.

Diving conditions

Hamata is a paradise for lovers of coral reefs. One of the most beautiful places that is worth visiting nearby include Shaab Claude. The name of this small reef is comes from the Italian diver-explorer. When you are in the Hamata region, you cannot miss it, but it is worth to sail around. You can also consider going into the cave through a tunnel inside the reef where you will be surprised by the number of corridors.

Shaab Hamam is another place that captivates with the beauty of its coral gardens. Divers who cross between two reefs can reach up to the open waters of the Red Sea. The arc, formed by two reef surfaces fused with each other, is very impressive.

Shaab Said – small channels, short tunnels, numerous bumps and depressions is only part of the attractions which, in addition to the wonderful corals, this place offers.

It is also worth visiting the Wadi Lahami – a complex designed for more advanced divers who want to explore the local coral reefs.

If you would like to a short break from the leave the sea, we recommend visiting the stone pier – located in the southern part of Hamata.

Diving centers:

  • Wadi Gimal Diving Center
  • TGI Diving Center
  • Gorgonia Beach Resort

Diving sites:

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