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Diving in Gozo and Comino

Where to dive in Malta: Gozo, Comino

Diving in Gozo and Comino

Besides Malta itself, Gozo and Comino are other two islands inhabited in the archipelago. The architectural richness of this small State is focused around the most important centres. However, if someone wants to visit this beautiful country and don’t know where to dive in Malta, they will be probably interested in diving in Gozo and Comino.

Diving conditions:

The temperature of the air and water in the whole archipelago maintains at the similar level and takes the following values:

10 – 15°C – average air temperature in January
21 – 30 °C – average air temperature in July
14°C – average temperature in February,
26°C – average temperature in August,

Diving in Gozo attracts tourists from all over the world due to the beauty of the underwater flora and fauna, visibility and numerous sunken monuments. You can dive here usually from the shore, though it is also possible to immerse from the deck of the boat, if you want to visit less frequented spots. The island is surrounded by numerous cliffs and already famous rock formations, such as Azure Window. Located on the western coast of the island, the Blue Hole islands are one of the most visited places by divers in the country. You should also know that the island of Comino, lying between Malta and Gozo, is a typical recreation area where there is a total ban on the use of cars.

Diving centers:

  • Discover Malta Diving
  • Lagoon Dive Centre
  • Go Dive Malta
  • Comino Dive Centre
  • Paradise Diving

Diving sites:

Worth to see:

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