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Diving In Europe

Diving seasons in Europe

Diving In Europe

The Old Continent is full of unforgettable diving sites. A number of underwater monuments, e.g. plane or ship wrecks, are remnants of the second world war and makes diving in Europe unique. Each specimen of this type attracts many diving tourists. On the other hand, the Mediterranean Sea basin itself lures the lovers of higher temperatures compared to temperate climate.

What’s the duration and specificity of diving seasons in Europe? If you are interested in one of the countries mentioned below, you might find this list useful. Here you will find dive spots it this countries.


Thanks to the warm Mediterranean climate, there are many summer months during a year in Malta. The best time for diving is the period from April till October. For six months the water temperature exceeds 20°C, while the maximum temperatures — up to 26°C — occur in August. The average water visibility is 30 m.


Spain invites divers both to its sunny continental shore and to its picturesque archipelagoes, like Balearic or the Canary Islands. The water temperature in summer reaches as much as 28°C, and the most popular time for diving lasts from March till November


It’s hard to expect that the water temperatures in the Polish climate would be like in the Mediterranean area. In the hottest months they reach approx. 18°C. Despite this the diving season here is from March till October. During winter you can dive under the layer of ice that covers Polish lakes.


The most attractive time for diving in Cyprus is from March till November. When the conditions are really favorable, the visibility often reaches more than 35 m. But there are no obstacles to dive in winter too, as most of the diving centers on the island run their business all year long. The average air temperature in January is 13°C, and 30°C in July. The water temperature is convenient too — between 16°C and 27°C.


Crete, Rhodes, Ionian Islands, Peloponnese… There are plenty of diving sites in Greece, both on islands and in the mainland. Diving conditions are different depending on localization. Basically, for five months in a year the water temperature exceeds 20°C and the visibility reaches even 50 m.


The diving season in Turkey starts in April, when water warms up to 17°C, and lasts till October. The mildest conditions are in August. The water temperature reaches up to 28°C and the visibility is from 30 to 40 m.

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I’ve been diving for almost 10 years. The underwater world won my heart quite quickly. From the very beginning I wanted to be a good diver and partner, so I kept practising until I got a Master Scuba Diver PADI degree. I dive in hot and cold waters around the world. The thing I like most about diving is the sense of weightlessness and possibility to dive in the depths. I’m not too demanding when it comes to the landscapes, although I do enjoy their diversity, so I like diving in different places and conditions.

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