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Where to dive in Egypt: Dahab

Diving in Dahab

Dahab, with slightly more than a thousand inhabitants, is a small seaside tourist town on the Sinai Peninsula. Reefs extending almost along the entire length of the coast encourage tourists to dive. Diving in Dahab is an amazing attraction. What else there is worth seeing?

Diving conditions

The water temperature in Dahab should satisfy everyone: from less than 22 °C in February to 28.5 °C in August. In turn, thermometers indicators in January show an average of 17.5 °C, while in July almost 33 °C.

The biggest attraction of this place is the Blue Hole which is located a few miles north of the Dahab sea cave. Its depth is more than 100 m and its diameter is about 60 m. Many daredevils are tempted by the isthmus inside the Blue Hole, at a depth of approximately. 55 m, which they attempted to pass to reach the depths to the outer wall of the reef – not everyone, however, made it.
Diving in Dahab mostly takes place on a drive off-road along the coast while making stops at specific locations to dive. This way, you can dive in Dahab, even several times a day. The underwater fauna is very rich. Among the colorful reefs, you will see seahorses, garden eels, triggerfish, turtles and crabs.

Diving centers:

  • Nemo Dahab
  • Fantasea Divers Dahab
  • Big Blue Dahab
  • Inmo Divers Home
  • Blue Realm

Diving sites:

It is worth seeing:

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