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Where to dive in the Caribbean: Cuba

Diving in Cuba

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea. Diving in Cuba – what worth to see? Surrounded by more than 1600 smaller islands and numerous coral reefs and rocks, it attracts tourists from all over the world. Beach goers and divers are not discouraged by a complex political situation in that country. They are aware that this island is worth a visit.

Diving locations:

  • Jardines de la Reina
  • The Bay Of Pigs
  • Playa Santa Lucia
  • Cayo Largo
  • Isla de la Juventud

Jardines de la Reina is an archipelago which is the most interesting area for diving in Cuba. It is effectively protected by the regulations of the local marine national park that does not permit commercial fishing and it restricts the number of visitors.

The Bay of Pigs is in turn a place with significant political and historical context. It is very friendly for beginners with an easy descend into the water near the shore. In the local caves, fresh water mixes with salt.

You might want to go to Playa Santa Lucia to see sharks. Bullsharks occur here, however, a case of attack has not bee reported yet. In addition to the lovers of flora, lovers of old wrecks will also find it a place perfect for the underwater sightseeing.

Varadero – summertime destination, one of the largest and also the most famous places in Cuba – revered by many as “the tourist capital of the country”. An interesting fact is that Al Capone himself was known to venture here for leisure. A real treat for diving tourists is the wreck of the Soviet patrol vessel BP 353, more widely known as the Russian Destroyer. If you are looking to dive in Cuba at an affordable price, Varadero is your best bet.

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Łukasz Głowacki

I’ve been diving for almost 10 years. The underwater world won my heart quite quickly. From the very beginning I wanted to be a good diver and partner, so I kept practising until I got a Master Scuba Diver PADI degree. I dive in hot and cold waters around the world. The thing I like most about diving is the sense of weightlessness and possibility to dive in the depths. I’m not too demanding when it comes to the landscapes, although I do enjoy their diversity, so I like diving in different places and conditions.

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