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Diving in Costa del Sol

Where to dive in Spain: Costa del Sol

Diving in Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol – the sunny coast of southern Spain which is the perfect place for every diver! Wrecks of Gibraltar and underwater peaks provide amazing diving experience. Diving in Costa del Sol will remain in your memory for a long time.

Diving locations

Diving conditions

As in other areas of Spain, diving conditions in Costa del Sol are very good. They are favoured by warm, clear water whose temperature in summer reaches up to 25°C and colorful, underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea. What else is hidden in these beautiful Spanish waters?
Above all, amazing wrecks from various historical periods, sunk near Gibraltar. Some of them are even a few hundred years old!
Lovers of underwater rocks will certainly be interested in the populated by octopuses peaks of Tres Pikos in Almunecar, Spain. Diving there is not easy, because to see the mountains from up close, you need to perform a jump from a high cliff, therefore it is recommended for more advanced divers.
The wreck of The Tower Marbella is also noteworthy. The metal structure is home for many marine creatures. To see it, you can dive directly from the bank. This is the perfect diving spot for novice level of training.

Diving centers:

  • Happy Divers Marbella
  • Diving with Nic
  • Scubadivingspain
  • Into the Blue Diving
  • Simply Diving

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