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diving in Brothers Island

Where to dive in Egypt: Brothers Island

Diving in Brothers Island

Where to dive in Egypt? This is a frequently asked question that has not been answered unambiguously. One of the most frequent are the Brothers Island. We encourage you to read this article and find out all about diving in Brothers Island.

Diving conditions

Brothers Island, also known under the name of Juzur al-Ichf, are two uninhabited twin islands in the Red Sea. They are known for their coral reef and favourable conditions for diving. The larger is called Big Brother, the smaller, parallelly, Little Brother.

Many rate these small volcanic islands, located 100 km away from the coast of Egypt, in the top ten most attractive dive sites in the world. Currently, this military area and access to it depends on the current political situation in Egypt. If we want to dive in exactly this location, we need to seek out the relevant information in advance.

The open lighthouse, running since the end of the 19th century, made available to the public, is still an interesting object to see. During the underwater tour, you can enjoy the nearby wreck of the ship which the lighthouse was not able to save. On the second island, the Little Brother, there are no buildings, however, on the walls of both, there is striking coral reef. Hammerhead sharks, once very numerous in the Brothers Islands, today are unfortunately rare.

Dive sites:

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