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Diving in Asia

Diving seasons in Asia

Diving in Asia. When it’s best to dive in Asia

Diving in Asia attracts tourists with its exotic nature, culture and also wonderful diving sites available all year long. You always dreamed about Maldives diving or Thailand diving, or maybe you are looking for Vietnam diving. Check which month is the best to plan a journey to this amazing continent.

Diving seasons in Asia:


Not only are Maldives a perfect destination for a honeymoon, but also are a perfect diving site. The season for exploring underwater depths lasts all year long here. The water temperature on the archipelago is almost constant and reaches approximately 27-28°C, while the air temperature is usually 26-30°C.


In Thailand you will find an attractive diving site regardless of the time of year. When in September the weather conditions get worse over the Gulf of Thailand, it’s the beginning of half-a-year long season in the Andaman Islands. The water temperature during the whole year does not drop below 20°C.


In Indonesia the best diving conditions prevail from April till December. In winter there is wet season in some provinces of the country, you can dive here all year long, though. The minimum water temperature is 19°C, and it can even exceed 30°C. Visibility here reaches as much as 80 m. However, Indonesia is recommended to experienced divers, due to strong currents.


You can dive in Malaysia almost throughout the whole year, however, the weather conditions differ from one part of the country to another dependently on the season. Diving conditions in whole Malaysia are favorable from February till November, and the highest temperatures and the best visibility are in July and August.


For the lovers of underwater excursions diving in Philippines will be attractive at any time. However, due to a better visibility the dry season occurring between November and June is recommended. The air temperature in Philippines usually reaches 25-32°C, and the water temperature doesn’t drop below 27 degrees.


You’d better plan your diving in Micronesia with advance, as from June till December this archipelago is bothered with strong typhoons and heavy rains. The visibility is often no more than 30 m, while the air temperature is maintained throughout the year at 27°C.


Diving season in Vietnam lasts from February till September. It is caused by a monsoon which afflicts the area with the beginning of October and lasts till January; it may be very dangerous. It’s good to know that the humidity in Vietnam is very high in July and August. The average water temperature in the season ranges from 24 to 30°C.

Łukasz Głowacki

I’ve been diving for almost 10 years. The underwater world won my heart quite quickly. From the very beginning I wanted to be a good diver and partner, so I kept practising until I got a Master Scuba Diver PADI degree. I dive in hot and cold waters around the world. The thing I like most about diving is the sense of weightlessness and possibility to dive in the depths. I’m not too demanding when it comes to the landscapes, although I do enjoy their diversity, so I like diving in different places and conditions.

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