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Where to dive in the Caribbean: Haiti

Diving in Haiti

Where to dive in the Caribbean? Diving in Haiti is worthwhile – regardless of whether you begin your adventure with this activity, or you have already gained had some degree of sophistication. Natural disasters, which this country had to face, without a doubt, affected the status of its tourism. However, note that for the diver, the less frequented the place, is the better.

When deciding on the Caribbean with beginners and experienced divers, you might want to suggest Haiti as expedition destination. Due to the smaller traffic compared to other places in that area, plan the journey much earlier.

The coast is surrounded by numerous coral reefs and the bottom hides a lot of remains of ships – from the colonial times and when the local goods were taken to Europe. Near the town of Amani, there is an underwater cave, peculiarly named Zombie Hole, with an impressive depth of 200 m.

Its uniqueness is due to the fact that the deepwater fault is extremely unexpected. Suddenly a depth of 2 meters drops to over 140 meters. Inside Zombie Hole you not find rich fauna and flora. The walls of the cave are covered only with the occasional coral or sponge. Seismic shocks and sea waves, unfortunately, contribute pollution to this mysterious underwater place. Old fishing nets, smaller and larger garbage, and above all: significant amounts sand that falls into the abyss of hole. Zombie Hole hides a lot mysteries inside and there is no indication that the sinkhole will disappear any time soon.

Haiti also has numerous other attractions in the region. Lovers of architecture should not overlook places such as the Sanssouci Palace or La Citadel. In the capital itself – Port-au-Prince – there are also numerous museums depicting the history of the country.

Worth seeing:

  • Zombie Hole
  • Labadie Nort
  • Jackmel

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