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Buying second-hand diving equipment

Second-hand diving equipment Everyone of us likes buying cheaply. Especially the diving beginners frequently decide to buy little used second-hand diving equipment, a lot of diving gear is offered in online...

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Diving records

Read about diving records Have you ever wondered how deep a man can dive? And did you know that the longest dive in the sea lasted for 6 days? Check out what other records have been beaten in the underwater world. The...

I Live Under Water is a blog that is entirely devoted to diving. It was made up by people who can’t imagine their life without diving in the sea or lakes. For many years they have gained valuable experience diving in Poland (e.g. in the Baltic Sea) and abroad (Egypt, Spain). During this time they got to know the most interesting diving centers, which can be successfully and unreservedly recommended. It doesn't matter where diving center is located, it can be on the Baltic Sea, in the Mazury or on any lake in Poland. We like to explore new places and recommend them to you, especially submerged wrecks in lakes or flooded quarries.

In our blog you can read about the curiosities concerning diving, but we also give advice on how to properly prepare for the trip and where to go. So that no one would be disappointed.

On we have prepared a professional search engine for a diving centers. It doesn't matter whether you want to dive in Poland or abroad (Egypt, Spain). You indicate what is interesting to you and the search engine gives you all the possible options for diving.

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